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Olá meus amigos, o mês de julho começa com comemoração aqui na RZP.

O filme "ENCOSTO" foi selecionado para mais um festival internacional, o BERKSHIRE SHORTS FILM FEST em Massachusetts nos EUA.

O festival ocorre no dia 06/07, sábado que vem às 20hs!

Vejam a lista completa dos filmes selecionados:

1) "The Rootsmens: Part 1"
Dir: Patrick Toole
Origin: Great Barrington, MA
Synopsis: The boys are out on a nice hike through the woods and it is revealed that H-town is a bonafied Root Man!

2) "Past, Present, & Future"
Dir: Isaak Van Der Muelen
Origin: Housatonic, MA
Synopsis: Inspired by the Mass MoCA installations, 
"Past, Present and Future" follows a young man's 
time travel experiences in a strange Airstream transport.

3 "Pinwheels" a Laser Background Music Video
Dir: Anthony Zagarella
Origin: Philadelphia, PA
Synopsis: An experimental animated music video for Philadelphia band, Laser Background.

4) "Who's Calling"
Dir: Ben Hillman
Origin: Sheffield, MA

5) "The Flamethrower"
Dir: Ben Tobin
Origin: Ashfield, MA
Synopsis: After completing a glass study program in Murano, Italy, glass artist Wesley Fleming ended up settling in the hilltown of Ashfield, MA, where he constructs elaborately detailed birds, insects, and creatures from his imagination with rods of glass and a torch.

6) "Ceallaigh at Kilmainham"
Dir: Kelly Gallagher
Origin: Iowa City, IA
Synopsis: A 16mm collaged and handcrafted personal essay that serves as an exploration of land, roots, and the struggle and strength of the persevering "brave, warrior" women who came before me. 

7) "Heads or Tails"
Dir: Keith Winthrop
Origin: Canaan, CT
Synopsis: In the Convenient World there are many choices. How to decide?


8) "We Gotta Get Outta Here"
Dir: Dave Sondrini
Origin: Pittsfield, MA
Synopsis: We have got to get OUT of here!

9) "Walking Dead"
Dir: Theodore Collatos
Origin: Pittsfield, MA
Synopsis: An old man has a meeting with fate after a violent car accident. Based on actual events.

10) "Weak in the Teeth" an Ape School music video
Dir: Anthony Zagarella
Origin: Philadelphia, PA
Synopsis: The sad clown singing in a rain shower materialized himself and was not an artistic choice. 

11) "Green Slime" a 
Dir: Scott Johnston
Origin: Philadelphia, PA

12: "Encosto"
Dir: Joel Caetano
Origin: Brazil
Synopsis: After performing a black magic ritual, a man discovers that the price for their desires may be too high!

13: "The Call"
Dir: Brandon Ripley
Origin: Philadelphia, PA
Synopsis: A firefighter relives a traumatic memory.

14) "The Rootsmens: Part 2"
Dir: Patrick Toole
Origin: Great Barrington, MA
Synopsis: A bear? WHAT NOW???

Mais informações no site do evento: Berkshire Short Film Festival 

Ou ir no evento no Facebook se preferir:

Até agora já passamos por 3 festivais internacionais, no México, Japão e agora nos EUA e 2 nacionais!!!!!

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